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Form length 1350mm Outline width 420mm Outline area 0.57㎡ Weight/piece 2.7KG
Form length 1355mm Outline width 420mm Outline area 0.57㎡ Weight / piece 2.7KG
Form length 1275mm Form width 420mm Weight/piece 2.7KG External area 0.54㎡
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Strong Strength
Fully reinforced
Self-produced accessories
Fully reinforced
Advanced production equipment
Advanced production equipment
Adequate inventory of raw materials
Advanced production equipment
The development of the company today, through the continuous accumulation of industry experience gradually growing, sophisticated equipment, excellent construction team, to provide you with good after-sales protection
All product parts we produce ourselves, the quality of the product is safe and reliable
Hardware equipment is complete to ensure the successful completion of the project
We have sufficient stock of raw materials and can arrange production immediately upon receipt of orders to ensure timely delivery of projects/products
In case of quality problems of the product itself, it can be replaced or repaired free of charge within the valid warranty period The sales method is flexible and can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements
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More than ten years of R & D team, installation and construction team professional services
CBMI CONSTRUCTION is affiliated to CNBM Group which is the largest manufacturer for building materials and an integrated service provider leading throughout the world and has been listed in the Fortune Global 500 for eleven consecutive years. CNBM ROOFING systems have been marketed and installed around the world since 2014. Manufactured to Chinese and international quality standards, CNBM ROOFING products are tested to comply with or exceed current building codes and regulations, while offering classic beauty, elegance and architectural details.
More than ten years of R & D team, installation and construction team professional services
Colored stone caoted metal tiles are now more and more widely used, and various structures can be easily used. High-quality colored stone metal tiles can improve the grade of the roof under the pre...
Colored stone coated metal tiles are often used in our decoration. Do you know the coloring process of Colored stone coated metal tiles? Now let's explain this question.1. Surface coloring, most of...
Villa roofs have a major impact on how your overall home looks, especially at first glance. Highlight it with the right home decor decisions! The following are five ways to add colorful stone metal...
1. Before the construction of the roof leveling layer, clean the base layer to ensure that there is no residue on the surface of the concrete base layer.2. The leveling layer shall be leveled with ...
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